CFA Seattle

Financial Literacy Efforts

In 2020, CFA Society Seattle partnered with Rock the Street Wall Street to deliver financial literacy education to women at a local high school. In 2022, CFA Society Seattle has decided to pursue a more grassroots financial literacy program by partnering with a local high school and providing our own education and mentorship opportunities for high school women. We are in the initial planning phase currently. The initial meeting focused on a group of teachers running College Career and Financial Exploration classes and trying to understand where CFA Society Seattle can add value. We may be able to help in reviewing their approach for financial concepts, as well as provide a few guest speakers in the Spring. Longer term there may be opportunities to explore collaboration on a Financial Math Class, strategic pairings with Financial Aid Nights for parents of Juniors/Seniors heading to college. Ideally this experience informs how CFA Seattle may structure scalable community involvement around Financial Literacy Education and raise awareness of CFA Career paths for young adults.

Target Audience

High school women, initially. If this is successful we could consider expanding our audience.

Types of Content


Additional Content


Long Term Objective

Our current financial literacy programs lie within our Women’s Network. The main objectives are improving financial literacy among young women and helping them see what a vibrant, exciting path a career in financial services can be.


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