CFA Nashville

Financial Literacy Efforts

Historically, our society has not had a financial literacy initiative. However, it is a priority for us this year to learn different ways our society can support financial literacy locally and build upon that program(s). Our Society has reached out to local non-profits that currently engage the youth to provide support for training, but we have been unsuccessful as most of the non-profits are looking for sponsorship more than volunteers to help teach financial literacy.  Currently we are also working with colleges/universities to make presentations to finance students both about the CFA charter and finance in general.

Target Audience

College students but we see room for us to get involved with younger demographics (10-18y/o).

Types of Content

Likely partnering with financial programs that already exist locally (Junior Achievement, VITA, and Rock the Street Wall Street).

Additional Content


Long Term Objective



Ann Taylor Knotts (President) –
Sam Carden (Board Member) –