CFA Bermuda

Financial Literacy Efforts

Our main initiative has been to create a four-week interactive course delivered through our local college’s adult education program. It is described as an introduction to basic money and financial concepts, where people can begin to build practical financial skills that will help them take control of and manage their financial future. Specific topics covered include Developing Financial Goals, Determining Your Current Financial Position, Understanding Sources of Income and Expense, Creating a Budget, Managing Debt, and Planning for Retirement. The course was developed and is presented by local society member volunteers. We have subsequently created a second series, targeted specifically for low income earners, that we deliver in partnership with nonprofit service providers.

Target Audience


Types of Content

We have created the course content which includes weekly PowerPoint presentations in class and supplemental materials, together forming a student workbook, with emails sent to participants the day after each class.

Long Term Objective

We want to support people towards greater financial health. We do that by providing unbiased, factual information combined with discussions, where we create conversations around money and share our experiences with each other.

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