FLN EMEA Update – Q1 2023

The most recent CFA Institute Society Leadership Conference (SLC) for the Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) region was held in Vienna in the 4th quarter of 2022. At this conference, I was fortunate to reconnect with friends and meet many new CFAI staff and EMEA society leaders.

Financial Literacy projects are one of the initiatives many societies engage in to support their local communities. It was very inspirational to meet with many EMEA society members and hear about their outstanding work in the Financial Literacy space.

The Financial Literacy Network (FLN), with the support of the Regional President Council Representatives and CFAI, sent out surveys to CFA Societies to compile a list of current and planned financial literacy initiatives that societies. The information from the most recent survey can be found on our FLN website here

Here is a summary of the projects being conducted by Societies in the EMEA Region:

In addition to the information we learned about from our surveys, many society leaders I met in person told me about various initiatives. These are conducted at the following CFA Societies: Czech Republic, Greece, Ireland, Luxembourg, Poland, Romania, and Turkey.

All told, 16 societies in the EMEA region are currently running or planning on financial literacy initiatives. It is estimated that they have positively impacted over 10,000 people who, in turn, pass along insights they learn to their family and friends. So the impact is extensive!

These are just the societies we know of in EMEA working on literacy initiatives. We are confident there are many more that we haven’t heard from yet. If you are one of these, please get in touch and share your efforts with us!

In the meantime, I look forward to following up with these and other societies to hear their latest updates. See our YouTube page to hear specific society stories in our podcast series.

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